the metaverse made easy

With our mint-on-demand service you can upload and create NFTs from your own digital assets or purchase our pre-designed artwork and we’ll mint it for free! 

Launch Your Own NFT on the ethereum blockchain

No code.

No command lines.

Flex on your followers with a verified NFT profile pic or take advantage of the technology to secure your assets for lifetimes to come.

How It Works

Cryptocurrencies. NFTs. Blockchains. It’s all so confusing, but it doesn’t need to be. Now there’s a way to mint and custody your assets without the hassle.

Shop or Upload

Buy one of our designs or provide your own and we’ll take care of the rest for a one-time flat fee.

Mint and Deploy

Your new NFT will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain with 24 hours of your order.

Beam to Wallet

We’ll walk you through setting up your own wallet and then send your NFT directly to your address.

The Digital Universe has Arrived

Now you can hold your most valuable possessions in the palm of your virtual hand. The future is here, it’s digital, and it’s yours if you’re bold enough to take it.

Join & Follow the Community

Our discord will be launching soon so check back for invites.

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